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Not a Dutch punkband from Germany.
Not a German punkband from Holland.







We have nothing planned

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ —(・.◤)—╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐


8 april 2023 @ resistor leiden
w/ crustenunie & toprot

24 march 2023 @ Acu utrecht
w/ oust & traquenard

18 march 2023 @ le 3 pieces ROUEN (F) w/ human dogfood, reagan burger & stateless
24 september 2022 @ AZ / Mülheim w/ Kaltfront & Chupacabra 

2 september 2022 Nooit Meer Douchen Show @ De Samenscholing / Den Haag w/ agobio, marode & toprot

26 March 2022 @ Xinix / Nieuwendijk Herfstfestival

15 April 2022 @ DB’s / Utrecht w/ KALTFRONT, No Brains & Asbest Boys

10 june 2022 @ somewhere in Germany or Belgium, BOOK US!

11 june 2022 @ AK47 / Düsseldorf w/ marode & Theilen

17 July 2021 @ DB’s Utrecht

12 june 2021 @ OCCII Amsterdam

23 May 2021 @ 44nextdoor

In case of doubt: more green tape. always more green tape.


Our live-EP Woonkamerpogo is out! Recorded at the livestream we did at 44nextdoor and mastered by our awesome friend Grobi.

The damage is tba but listening to punk won’t become an expensive hobby if it’s up to us. Get it THROUGH Attack Records (NL), Sedum Records (DE), and Keponteam Rouen (FR). AND AT OUR SHOWS. Available in classic black and acid green – both sound and look fire.

🔻Sold out🔻

Our Sollbruchtstelle demo is completely sold out on casette! You can still get it on our Bandcamp or just stream it on Spotify.

🔺Sold out🔺